NYCC 2010

It has been a bit of a whirlwind since we returned home from our recent trip overseas. Jesse ad I both had an awesome time and covered a lot of ground (literally) in both China and Japan. A proper wrap up of the journey will pop up next week, but for now we turn our attentions towards NYCC 2010.

This year we have a new location and will be set up at booth 2780 in the Cultyard section of the floor. Special thanks go out to Boris of Banimon fame for taking care of us on the NYCC circuit for the last few years. Make sure to stop in at booth #652 and see what he's up to and pick up his all new Banimon issue 3!

The new area we are in is a grouping of companies that are hovering around a similar sun. Seeing the usual suspects will be great! We hope that those who are going get a chance to come over to our low tech table and catch up in person. Just look for the group of bearded fools shuffling some plastic around.

As far as what we'll have for the show, there will be a couple of kind of neat things from our side, the main one being a preview set of the new joints. These sets are extra unique because they contain a part that has now been modified for the upcoming full production run. The part is the small disc, which has had its diameter increased for more building options. So this show will be the only place to get the "proto disc" in its original form. Also, something else is inside each joint pack, but that will remain a surprise until things get rolling on the floor.We will also have a very small quantity of Black Rigs available as well.

Jesse will have something really cool for you guys in the form of a brand new Callgrim color, but with a twist that neither of us have ever tried before. Those of you who are fans of Tron should particularly dig the new Callgrim...

The thing we are personally the most excited for are the special guests appearing at the booth throughout the show. You will be able to meet Paul Kaiju, The Godbeast, the always unpredictable Sucklord, NiStuff, Ralph Niese, the ghost of the Tarantulas (well at least a few of his Nibblers) and some super talented members of the October Toys Forum who will have examples of their custom work on display at different times during the event. It should be a great mash up of different talents.

We are rolling out of here in a few minutes to make our way down to NYC, so in the meantime check out some possibilities the new joints allow. See some of you guys soon!


  1. Awesome! Now, if only I weren't broke...

    Can't wait to see everyone!

  2. NYCC!!!!!!! HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!

  3. gutted we can't make it dis year man - have big fun & we'll speak when the NYCC hype is over.

  4. Can't wait to see Legacy Callgrim, have a great time!

  5. that new callgrim is exactly what I've been waiting for for a while now. more clear figures with detail lines painted please!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new joints, these really are a game changer and what your churning out with these already shows the versatility, the Black rig looks great with that gloss detail. Classic colour bowling ball Nibbler is sure to fly out from the table and well I think Ive said enough for now.

    Enjoy the rest of NYCC guys, you hardworking crazies!

  7. Thanks to Matt, Roy, Jesse, Ralph, Ni, Marty and Earwig for making the Con extra cool. Great to finally meet you all! Enjoy the rest of the Con!

  8. Hooo boy, how I wish I could be there.

    Will this black rig be available in the store?

    Oh, and Callgrim Legacy ordered! :-)

    Have fun in NYC!