Traveler Harcoriun

Traveler Harcoriun operates as Tracker's partner when called upon, and stands as one of the original participants involved in the Glyaxia controlled Axis Evolution Program. 

Throughout numerous missions, Harcoriun has exhibited an almost reckless willingness to push the limits of the Axis Tech, regardless of the risks. Despite this dangerous characteristic, Tracker trusts few as implicitly as Harcoriun.


  1. Oh dear god. This Pheyden reminds me a lot of Ollereyn(probably my favorite named Pheyden), looks-wise. I must have him. Love the background on this character. I want to beef him up like in this picture. How close is the grey to the Reydurran engineer colors?

    1. Hey Michael! This gray is a Cool Grey VS the Warm Gray of the Reydurran assortment. It kind of has a more space based vibe to it, due to the cooler hue.

    2. Also I totally got the "space" vibe of this colorway that you're talking about. Standard Tracker has a real Protoman vibe and I love it.

  2. Always nice to get a little more background.

    Curious, though: are we going to see the Dark Tracker set in action before the drop?

  3. Wow! That's a hot looking Traveler.


  4. Tracker's gonna lead the mission and Harcoriun's got such super vision!