Battlecurse Skeleden Heavy Armor

Increasing the amount of armor sets to four allows for a bulked up version of the Battlecurse form.

To build this meatball, the upper arms need to be flipped so that the elbow and shoulder positions are switched, which in turn opens up the clearances. Getting the thigh parts on can be a little tricky, but once you slide them into place there's still a decent amount of rotation possible.

I've been carrying this pile of bones around for a bit and so far everything has stayed together, with only the left knee connection occasionally popping off after prolonged rides in my jacket pocket.

Another bizarre configuration involves turning two torso armors on their sides, each one covering half of the Traveler chest for a split faced effect. You can also use the torso armor as a pelvis guard to push the heavy armored look even further.

I imagine Skeleden reluctantly calling upon the wicked energy of his bio-bonded axe, Soultaker, to grant him greater powers as they face the challenges of dimensions and dungeons unknown.


  1. Matt, Your story build up for this character is very intriguing, keep it going!


  2. We need some white bone armor sets in the store!

    1. I need about 10 sets of white bone armor! This so needs to happen.

  3. This guy totally looks like Battleclad Spawn! Great influence and great adaptation to the Glyos form. Now where is some sweet MOTU inspired mini comics from Ralph!? I need a pile of Skeleden bits to make armor for Elder Exellis.