Mission Details

After a few delays with some overseas shipping, everything is finally in place for the new assortment to roll out! 

This wave has a few special points of interest, a major one being our first crossover production run of Toyfinity's Maxx Zero, from their Robo Force line. Due to the combined creative development of Maxx Zero, the core figure was loaded with many hidden configurations while being prototyped by Ron and I at the shop. One particular build, the Gendrone Force Defender, was designed to eventually surface in our ongoing story arc. The idea behind this specific form centers around a lost piece of Old War technology discovered by Argen while mining the database of a prototype Buildstation located in the Sendollest Drifts for information. Argen soon puts the Gendrone Force Defender into full production, pulling it from obscurity to join the ranks of the Gendrone Rebellion. Special thanks go out to John Kent and the Toyfinity team for sharing the mechanical madness that is Robo Force with us!

The other focus for this wave is of course the metallic Ultra Bronze, which is meant to evoke an AD&D/Golden Axe/Ray Harryhausen vibe. Forged in the metallic Ultra Bronze PVC, both Skeleden and the Neo Granthan in particular are inspired by the days of playing Sega's Golden Axe while on my lunch break during the dreaded days of summer school. Hopefully this new hue adds some fun to the mix!

We are still on track for this Tuesday, March 31st at 9:30PM EDT. 

The Sendollest Drifts

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Sendollest Mutation (Ultra Bronze w/ painted eyes, Ultra Bronze Skeleden head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe, Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12
Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Sentinel Mutation (Light Aqua/Dark Aqua w/ painted eyes, Light Aqua Skeleden head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe and Dark Aqua Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12
Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Reverse (Maroon/ Maxx Gray w/ painted eyes, Maroon Skeleden head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe and Maxx Gray Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12

Elder Exellis -Sendollest Guard (Ultra Bronze w/ painted eyes, removable belt, LSA head, Dark Traveler head/ scarf/ inner scarf) $8

Axis Buildman Argen MK XV -Sendollest Guard (Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua visors and White tampos -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
NOTE- Each Axis Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Advanced Phaseon Enyriun MK IV -Sendollest Guard (Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua visors and White tampos) $10
NOTE- Each Advanced Phaseon is made up of one Phaseon and one painted Hub Set

Gendrone Force Defender -Sendollest Guard (Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua/ Dark Aqua accents and White tampo) $16
(Special Reconfigured Edition of Toyfinity's Robo Force Maxx Zero)

Neo Sincroid -Sendollest Guard (Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua visors/ White tampos and bonus Glyan head) $8

Noboto -Sendollest Guard (Ultra Bronze w/ painted eyes, White tampos and bonus Protoclone head ) $8 

Gobon -Sendollest Guard (Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua eyes and White tampo) $8

Armorvor  -Neo Granthan Sendollest Hunter (Ultra Bronze/ Dark Aqua Paint with Aqua visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features all new Neo Granthan head
Armorvor  -Neo Granthan Pyrotellica (Clear Orange/ Metallic Silver Paint with Black visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features all new Neo Granthan head
Armorvor  -Neo Granthan Dreadvalken Sentry   (Maroon/ Maxx Gray Paint with Black visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features all new Neo Granthan head

Crayboth -Sentinel MK II $4
Crayboth -XXX $4

Swing Joint Set -Ultra Bronze $4

Hub Set -Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua accent and White tampo $4
NOTE- Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

Axis Joint Set -Ultra Bronze $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Ultra Bronze w/ Aqua accent $2 

Super Crayboth -Sentinel Pod Leader (Light Aqua Vinyl/ Dark Aqua paint/ Black accents) $25

Thank you for checking out the latest round! More pics as we close in on Tuesday!


  1. Glad to see Gobon! Hoping more of him to come.

    1. Here Here! Got every Gobon since his birth (unhealthy obsession my wife says ;o)

  2. Wow. Already, there are quite a few surprises, including the return of the Sentinel colorway! Let alone how striking this bronze looks. Really gives the vibe of ancient machinery, especially with the Maxx Zero build coming into the fold!

    Just to check: Enyriun is still a Phaseon and one Hub Set, right? And did the price on the Gobon drop?

    1. I think Gobons have always been $8. Enyriun is a phaseon with a hub set, you're correct.

    2. I'm happy you dig the colors so far, Roy!

      Matt is right, Enyriun is one complete Phaseon and one complete Hub set combined as per usual.


  3. That Sentinel Mutation Dungeon Traveler is beautiful!

  4. Very awesome Matt! The Bronze NeoGranthans invoke a New Adventures of He-Man Lizorr and Bucky O'Hare Toad Air Marshal vibe with those colors, excellent colors on all the Neo Granthans too, just really digging all the colors.

  5. Chris, I would LOVE to see a Bucky O'Hare themed colorway. Can you freaking imagine that? Back to the topic at hand, this colorway is incredible. Reminds me a lot of Bioshock.

  6. Replies
    1. And Skeledon in Ultra Bronze: not only is he visually stunning, but that colorway fires off my imagination in a huge way. And that is the highest compliment I can give a Maker. :)

  7. I'm with Cappy on imagination. You had me at 'Harryhausen'!

  8. I can't stop drooling Tuesday can't get here quick enough!! It all looks so awesome, very crisp

  9. That is an excellent swirl pattern in the Noboto that you chose to model for the wave! Something about that picture made me think of Tik-Tok from 'Return to Oz'. Must be the colours!

  10. I've been wanting to buy a new Gobon after seeing Big Hero 6. Not sure what I'll buy, but it will include Noboto and Gobon for sure.

    Nice to see a Robo Force figure being offered here from story line and save on shipping costs perspectives.

    I believe I have a nice silver wolf head for that Pyrotellica Armorvor.

  11. That aqua Skeleden is gorgeous. I think I will get in the garage and try to cast something up in that color!