Mega Bit Pheyden

Introducing the newest additions to the Bit Figs line:

Bit Pheyden and MEGA Bit Pheyden!

Mega Bit Pheyden is an all-new 3" articulated figure that features removable, Glyos compatible arms (3 parts total). Also included in this double set is a 1" Bit Pheyden, produced perfectly in scale with all our Ninja and Animal vending series figures. The dark metallic gold Trophy Set is the very first sample run available now in limited quantities.

The third pic above showcases Mega Bit Pheyden packing an extra punch with swing joints installed, as well as an Astro Nautilus mutation, parts courtesy of The Outer Space Men.

These new Bits, as well as Fistfuls of Ninjas, Animals, and other items are available now at the new Culture Pirates shop. This site is the official shop for Bit Figs, Music ADD Records, limited edition Glyos merchandise and more.

Mega, mega thanks to all of you for the continued support. Have fun!


  1. I'm pretty excited for this 3" Bit Pheyden, it's a nice little addition that offers new building possibilities! Also, psyched to get some standard Bit Figs! Any chance there'll be pics or hints of the exclusive colors? Would also love to see the option to buy painted versions someday ; )

  2. I really hope you guys go down the MIMP rabbit hole and make a bunch of d&d-esque monsters and heroes. I'd love to be able to use them in place of conventional miniatures.

  3. Replies
    1. As did I. Desperately hoping I got the purple/black Oni