Circuits and Brains: 1982 + Other Stories

The great Glen Schricker (aka Circuits and Brains) has a new wave of songs for the cybernetic called 1982+Other Stories that fans of classic sci-fi soundtracks will definitely enjoy, now available for streaming and download here.

I grew up with Glen, and have been enjoying his work since we were in high school together. His latest album is now in full rotation here at headquarters, with his "Dungeon Traveler Skeleden" tune from last year's Glyosar wave leading the charge. I'm also really digging the ghostly song, "Pilots Are Missing".

We love the new stuff, Schrick!


  1. I needed some new music while I played the new No Man's Sky game. Super fitting!

  2. Awesome. I love old Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream and somewhat more recently Stereolab. Creepy fun, and totally digging the hidden face in the artwork.