Bio-Masters Among Us

Prepare for a menacing new addition to the Glyos ranks! After 2 years in development, Pat Bussey's Bio-Masters line has crossed over into full production with the arrival of his 21 part, fully Glyos compatible Bio-Mass Monster figure!

Pat is currently offering a special pre-order for the first 3 deluxe editions of his cosmic creature (due in early January), as well as an opportunity to grab a copy of his upcoming DCon Type Zero exclusive and limited T2 Test Shots (both with available in-hand for shipping at the end of November).
All pre-orders are set to wrap up this Friday, November 11th.

When I was first shown this project by the GodBeast himself (who has been Pat's sculpting collaborator and molding/casting mentor), it immediately made a strong impression. The direct result of Pat's killer design sense and Marty's refined sculpting skills, the Bio-Mass Monster lands itself in a unique category, showcasing a form that's unlike the more bipedal "two- legged humanoid" style production figures we've been producing since 2007. Pat's admiration of Lovecraft, He-Man and the monsters of his youth have culminated into something that touches on all of those sources yet still remains fresh and exciting.

I've been lucky to have worked on the production side of the Bio-Masters project over the greater part 2016, and want to personally congratulate both Pat and Marty on never losing sight of bringing this new figure to life. New precedents were set during the process of making the Bio-Mass Monster's tooling, and many months were spent pushing the limits to give this new creation a strong "build" lifespan.

I hope you try giving this creepy critter a spin and allow it to slither into your imagination... and flap, and claw and bite as well!

Thanks for the awesome illustration, Pat! The Glyninjas have been training hard for this showdown (but maybe not training hard enough)!


  1. Seriously love the design, I've been itching to get some for building and customizing. Already have my order in!

    Also, I see that Sub-Zero Glyninja in the art...

  2. I had a hunch that those Glyninja's wouldn't show up without a good reason! So stoked for the Bio-Master monsters to come to fruition. This has been the number one must-have for me since last year when I stumbled upon glyos. I'm a newbie, and damn does it feel great to see so much growth in such a short time! Well done Pat, Marty and Matt. Thanks for making such wicked toys!