DCon Details 2016

Designer Con is upon us and we're super psyched to invade Pasadena for a third year in a row! The convention runs from Saturday, Nov. 19th 9am - 6pm to Sunday Nov. 20th 10am - 5pm and is located at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Echoing the floor plan from last year, we'll once again be surrounded by our extended family, featuring the united super powers from Tokyo, RealxHead, Studio Uamou, Skull Toys, Punk Drunkers and Goccodo!

The Glyos family will be represented by Marty "Nemesis" Hansen (Kabuto Mushi #1001), John Kent (Toyfinity #1002) Spy Monkey Creations (Battle Tribes #1003), Jesse DeStasio (Knights of the Slice #120), Mark Vasquez (Mystical Warriors of the Ring #1001), Nemo Campisi (Nemo's Factory #1002), Ben Spencer (Galaxxor #1001) and the newest addition to the mayhem, Pat Bussey (Bio-Masters #1001).

Holding down the Glyos compatible 3D printing fort will be the ABS master, Pj Bartlett (Spaced Out Design #1002). Pj has been practically living at the shop over the last few months while refining and building his new selections. Those in attendance will not be disappointed with the results of his latest experiments. He's even printed a few vehicles!

Also showcasing his own range of 3D printed figures in row 1000 will be the architect of the extraordinary Mecha Zone himself, David White (#1005)! David continues to innovate and inspire with both his 3D work and 2D illustrations. A monster talent, indeed.

Deep, deep thanks goes out to Ben Goretsky of 3DRetro for all his hard work this year and for allowing all of us to have the opportunity to come together in such an excellent location. We also want to thank the legendary October Toys for always supporting us throughout the years. We've shared a great decade of friendship together and we look forward to 10 more!

For those of you who make the show, please swing by booth #1002 and say hello!