Flying Vipers - The Copper Tape

New sounds from the Flying Vipers! Instrumental dub in the classic Jamaican style, produced using the latest in cassette recording technology.

The artwork was once again delivered by Dark Santa, aka the Beard Lord or simply, Matt. Thanks Brojack!

This follows up last year's tape, with a heavier focus on drum & bass. And lots more trippy, drippy effects.

And more cowbell.

Bonus: One of these tunes is ripped from an old Sega game circa '92. The box art featured a painting by Clyde Caldwell... first to name that cartridge wins a free download!



  1. Replies
    1. No, but you're close! The title is definitely Dragon related...

  2. D&D warriors of the eternal sun?

    1. You got it! The last track is the "Swamp Wander" theme. Having no clue what to do next in this game was tolerable for many hours thanks to it's amazing soundtrack.

      Shoot an email to marc@glyos.com and I'll send along a download code. Cheers!

  3. Dude! These tracks sound incredible! Soundtrack for the weekend is locked in.

  4. These are really cool...I just bought the MP3s for the Green Tape, I'll get this one too, soon. Great music to do art to :).