Thank You!!!

Thank you for a busy week! When we run these types of mostly translucent waves, they historically have a polarizing effect within our ranks, but the addition of the special paint applications and the Pathfinder/Argenesis build seemed to balance the playing field out pretty well. The general response to the heavily painted Cytechion DX figure in particular was very positive, so we'll definitely travel down that avenue again. Crazy what not painting certain areas can do.

This round connects right into some of my biggest personal influences, thrown in the handy cosmic blender and designed to deliver a hybrid experience for those that may have grown up in the 70's/early 80's. Takara's Henshin Cyborg is the major tribute here, but Fisher Price's Adventure People (Space Series) laid the groundwork for the recent chest tampo inspiration, as well as the mystery figure from this wave that will be revealed when the packages start landing tomorrow.

The new set that all the pics were taken on was constructed out of 3 sheets of plexiglass, DAP compound mix, silicone and tons of paint. By placing the lights close behind the clear painted plexi, a spacey look came into focus. It's still really fun to work on these otherworldly environments that are made from totally terrestrial materials.

Our next wave is set for release at the very end of this month, and focuses on a project that started when I was in 7th grade. Some of you long time folks might especially like what's on deck. There will be some crossovers, and maybe a special build as well. Should be a decent mix of things to discover.

Almost all the orders placed since the launch have hit the post, with only a handful left to meet the mailman tomorrow morning. Special shout out to the always awesome Pj Bartlett for doing double packing duty last week. Pj's Paper Palace is unstoppable.

Speaking of wrapping things up, sincere thanks from the whole Onell family once again to all of you for continuing to check things out!


  1. Is it wrong to hope for a big Glyos book for the Tenth Anniversary, one that includes stuff like backdrop builds and process? Really brings to mind the backdrops from the toylines of that era, something that's slowly become a lost art.

    1. Also, where have we seen 7th Grade come up before? I wonder...

  2. The GIF of the oblivious Silverborg Pheyden above is awesome! Any chance we could see a new Passcode? I imagine a fighting game between this new cast of characters, with the Hyper Henshin Pathfinder as the final boss that transforms into Argen after being defeated?!?