The Quallerran: Part 2

Long ago, a Quallerran starship found its way through the Zorennor Rift, unexpectedly plunging directly into the midst of an intense battle between the Delphi and a massive Voss Biovessel. Before evasive maneuvers could be taken, the Quallerran craft's control field was damaged in the crossfire, forcing a deadly crash on a small planet that would eventually come to be known as Syncros.

Of the three crew members, only one Quallerran survived the impact. Undaunted, the interstellar explorer continued on its mission, transmitting each and every new discovery through its Syncrobine Link out into space, in an effort to reach Quallerra. 

After many cycles marooned on Syncros, the lone Quallerran finally laid itself to rest deep within an unmarked cavern, reunited at last with its fallen brethren and destined to fade from existence... or so it would seem.

Time passed, and the Glyos System experienced many changes. Alien invaders continuously emerged from the unpredictable Zorennor Rift, causing great turmoil among the indigenous creatures of Glyos, forever altering the landscape of a once harsh but ordered system. Even under the protection of the benevolent Delphi, all life in Glyos seemed trapped within a state of endless conflict.

Eventually, a fragile balance was restored, which led to the growth of many powerful and advanced civilizations.

Throughout it all, the forgotten Quallerran lay buried under rock and time, until a secret expedition uncovered their still intact tomb...     


  1. Hence Sincroids. Interesting. So does that mean Noboto and Exellis are synthetic biotech?

    Thanks for giving more story on these guys!

  2. You know the rooms pretty well on this ship, Roy!

    The original Sincroids created by Sarvo Halos were awoken under mysterious circumstances on Metran, shortly after the end of the Old War.

    Very select elements from Sarvo's early archeological discoveries factored into each prototype Sincroid's design.

    We'll explore some of the specifics as the year unfolds!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. This story is fascinating! It's stuff like this that has me checking the blog every day. Thanks for weaving such a cool tale Matt!