Skaterriun Skull Commandos

Emerging from some of the most dangerous and unpredictable trainees ever placed in Glyaxia Command's OTR Programs, the Skaterriun Skull Commandos are a rare breed with a singular purpose. 

After the success of Project Black Skull, Glyaxia Command placed a razor sharp focus on identifying more "advanced" recruits within their various OTR Programs through something called the Marivok Directive. Under the umbrella of this Directive, "scientists" ran strange mental and physical tests to push prospective assets beyond what most could ever withstand. Many soldiers were either driven mad, locked away or simply terminated. However, some subjects managed to escape into the darkness of space, carrying with them secret information that Glyaxia Command would do anything to suppress.

Enter the Skaterriun Skull Commandos. Tasked with eliminating severe threats to Glyaxia Command's control of Glyos from within, the soldiers selected for this duty have all passed the most extreme Marivok Directive tests, conquering the difficult OTR Programs with their extraordinary natural abilities and an inborn willingness to break any rule to survive.


  1. Holy double tampo! That chest detail is interesting, as is the helmet, really like how that kicks the Glyans otherworldliness up a few notches! These colors are stunning together, can't wait!

  2. Axis kitted out looks incredible! I've always been in the ol' "I miss the detail lines!" camp but more and more have been enjoying how the look has evolved, this figure really strikes a fantastic visual balance. Can't wait to see what else is in store. Also loving the return of more story tidbits and crazy builds!

  3. I have to say, revealed in the light, these new Glyan's look even better than I thought they would! Wasn't sure on that Tampos dead center of the helmet, but it's starting to grow on me. Any more Glyans tonight or Glyarmored companions?

    1. Oh and the Axis Armored is a must! And I love those two stripes on the left side!

  4. Jeez, where do I start...

    Bridging their story back to the Reflex comic is awesome, Specifically because of the Mono wave builds and Glyan origins that're tied to it. All are favs of mine. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of seeing Command (Scar) Pheyden have a true release.

    Now to the colors. Is the light color new or am I seeing Maxx grey? I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before but I really like the profile of the non-Glyninja side of the head with the scarf because it resembles a motorcross helmet really well. Sorry Neo Aves Exellis, your'e still king of the kissing booth, lol.

  5. The bars are a subtle touch. And it's great to see the old head with a new trick!

    Will the Axis Armor be a special build, or are the joints sold separately?

  6. If there was anything I could ask for between drops, it would certainly be more lore posts covering current and previous drops. This is a great one connecting to two previous offerings/passcodes.

    Will the various matching color joints be separate this drop or another special figure?

  7. This drop definitely ties in to the "Eagle" colorway Kosrobot 3" figure. Perfect!


  8. Woah, the helmet tampo is mega cool!