Thank You!!!

Thank you for being part of the "Skate Wars" last week! This wave has a lot of funny connections to a pivotal time back in my youth, so it was extra neat to see that some of you enjoyed the stuff. I still clearly remember scratching out the original drawings for the Skate Wars guys as a kid and wanting to make versions that I could carry around. Thanks to you, that's become a reality.

As always, we continue to shuffle the production numbers, particularly with the crossover editions. Both the Vector Jump and OSM Cyclops runs were boosted up to hopefully meet the demand from folks that were visiting for just those specific figures. As of this writing, only a handful of each remain since popping them up, so it looks like we hit the right combination this time. Special thanks go out to Jesse D, Gary and Mel for letting Pheyden's cousins come over for dinner.

All orders placed since Wednesday night have hit the post, with just a few that came in late yesterday and the international orders left to go out, first thing tomorrow morning. The traffic was higher than usual so we've been hustling hard to keep things moving. Extra special thanks to Megan and her daughter Aeris for assisting with the late shift! It's so great to have a new addition to the family, especially a little peanut like Aeris.

Our next round is set to land in mid-May and should make some of you builders out there smile.

Thanks again from the whole family!


  1. Thank you guys for always working so hard to get everything just right! What, coming up on ten years of top notch service now?

    And awesome news about May! Glad to see we're getting back to builder waves again. Wonder if that means our Gendrone friends will be coming back soon...

  2. I was just thinking I was in the mood for a build wave. While I've loved all of the new builds and molds lately the emphasis on different color schemes hasn't lead to me building as much as I used to. I'm ready for a drop full of matched parts I can play around with.