Battle Tribes: Wave 7

Some major expansions are happening in the Battle Tribes universe tonight!

Make sure to head over to the Spy Monkey Creations store and check out the awesome new characters that Jeremy, Brian and Matt have brought to life! Special shout out to the talented Pat Bussey for his collaborative work with the SMC crew on these all new designs.

This release marks the first part in the cross-company "fantasy" themed month of June. 

Huge congratulations to the SMC team on a truly great evolution of the Battle Tribes line!


  1. YAAY! I just ordered the Umbrean Wraith, and the Nomadic Pterosaurian ...really can't wait to get the package in the mail :). Thanks for the heads up the other day, Matt! I also snagged the Thunder Panther guy, loving the colors on that one...I'm glad he was still in stock.

  2. Dang. That redlaw dude was the only one I skipped and after seeing that photo I kinda wish I didn't. Looks great with the old one's head!

  3. I wish I had seen these photos sooner. I passed on the green because the Shop product photos made it look too yellow for my taste. This looks much better. Photography is so tricky. I'm sure there'll be plenty of cool color options in the near future, though, so it's all okay.

  4. Darn, somehow I got it in my head that these were coming out on June 6. Oh well, I'll get the next set of colors that are available.

  5. Ugh! So upset I missed these.