Bio-Masters: Wave 3

Cosmic Dungeon Master, Pat Bussey, currently has the third wave of his awesome Bio-Mass Monsters available now, over in his updated store.

Inspired by TSR's legendary Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and continuing the fantasy themed month of June across the sister Glyos companies, Pat's latest assortment is loaded with awesome colors and three special "Dark Fortress" builds (one of which even includes a "Contaminated" Hub Set).

Being able to watch Pat's creative process once again has been a blast, as he really does sink a lot of effort into the accompanying illustrations and story elements of his launches to flesh things out. Pat even constructed a scratch built set for his pics! A true passion project, all the way.

Killer work, Pat! Everything about this round is a knockout!


  1. Loving this month's offerings...so far both Battle Tribes and Bio-Masters have been home-runs! Can't wait to see what's in store for the Onell drop. Perhaps we'll find out who/what this mysterious "Mesidrax the Destroyer" is before the last sunset of June?

  2. Agree Witchwitchwitch, what a great Glyos month so far looking forward to topping it off here!