Thank You!!!

Thank you for the great release last week! It's always a gamble when we put a weird spin on something familiar, but the Glyknights generally seemed to click pretty well. It's been in the works for a while to run some production capes, and things luckily fell into place for it to finally happen with this wave. The capes have been designed to accommodate just about any standard Glyos figure, and if you guys dig them, we may offer capes separately down the road.

Glyknights need powerful adversaries, so based on your emails and comments the additional armor on Skeleden is something that you'd like to see again, so we'll be covering those Traveler limbs even more in the future. Skeleden's little Skullboto soldiers took us by surprise, with one of the quickest sellouts that the Noboto mold has seen since its debut in 2013. We'll absolutely be revisiting the Skullboto concept again before the year is over (Halloween is a definite -Ghoulboto).

Based on the performance of this recent sale, detail lined versions of select figures will start to be offered moving forward. The Skeleden Standard MK II DX saw a limited production run and sold fairly well. Let's see how this experiment goes and maybe we can start to open the catalog up a bit more.

On the shipping front, we've been steadily working away to get all the packages out (just Michelle and I on shipping detail this time) and we're close to finished. Only the internationals and orders that came in over the holiday and today remain (but will hit the post later today and first thing tomorrow morning). You've kept us busy and it's very appreciated!

Behind the scenes, we've been buzzing away to finalize something extra special for our 10th anniversary release, which is set to launch at the end of this month. Many years have been spent preparing for this character's arrival, and it's taken a lot of effort for it to truly manifest. Expect some posts about its development and history as we get deeper into July.

Thanks again for welcoming the latest round into the fold! It was a super turnout and we're forever grateful to have the freedom to do this. As always it's 100% because of you!


  1. Thank you for bringing back detail lines! I could not be more hyped for the 10th anniversary drop. That's one hell of an achievement for an independent toy company.

  2. Super excited for the arriving character and the 10 year anniversary!

  3. My orders are being delivered right now! I'm so excited!
    Thank you for an awesome drop! Next time I'll be sure to be right on time ordering so I can't miss anything. Looking forward to the next drop. Also can't wait to see this new character! Y'all are awesome, thank you!

  4. So much good news in 1 post...
    10 years is a HUGE milestone! Big heartfelt congrats on that!
    Halloween skullbotos? Awesome.
    Detail lines when applicable? Awesome.
    Capes? Awesome.
    New guy? Awesome. (Delphi???)

  5. A long-awaited character? I don't want to jinx anything...but eagerly awaiting the upcoming blog posts!!!

  6. My first all out drop and i love it! Ive been busy all day but im going home to play around and pull stuff apart and build. Cant wait for julys drop so pumped

  7. Exciting! Thanks for the updates as always. I have my hopes for the new guy years in the making, but any new guy is a treat.

    Also if you'd ever like to show us any behind the scenes shots of your new photo backdrop, I'd love to see what it is you built! I wish I had a smaller MOTU Castle Grayskull or something myself.

    Can't wait to see where you guys go next!

  8. What a drop; thanks for risking changes that push Glyos to 10/10 for enjoyment. Especially pleased with the continued crossover work between the sister Co.s and cant wait to see the Onell 10th Anniversary!

  9. As this years drops have passed, you could really see the years of experience distilling down into the designs of your creations. This drop really capped that off with some wild ideas that turned out, in my opinion, perfectly realized. I'm amazed with the quality of what I received for the price, my clan and I just can't put these guys down. If this is a sign of things to come, then WE ARE NOT PREPARED. Wallet, brain, or desk space.

    Some of the most fun we've had with a drop in a while, thanks, and mad props for 10 years of success.

  10. Ghoulboto!

    I'm all for additional capes to upgrade figures. Now that we have double armor and cape options, any chance of a future homage to Baron Dark as an evil Skeleden King? Those Glyknights need to be taken down a switch pin or two with all that shiny metallic armor they show off.

    Congrats on the upcoming 10th anniversary.

  11. Ten years. Dang. You know, there have been little snags along the way, and probably more that we'll never know about, but the fact that everything can still feel so fresh, so new, and so inspired is testament to the experiment's success. Kudos, Matt. Even after all this time, your love and dream still shines through every release.

    And this past release, dang. Fact is, all of 2017 has been super solid for drops, so there's no better year for an Onell milestone. A new figure on the way? A return of the Gendrones? Confirmation of detail lines, extra armor, Skullboto, and even the possibility of capes? Even better.

    Keep on keepin' on, and can't wait to see what's on the horizon!

  12. Has it been a DECADE already? Time flies when you're dimension drifting! Anyway, thanks for all the amazing drops over the years an a veritable spawning of sister companies that expand on the brand so wonderfully. I can't believe my collection now spans 10 years of blood, sweat, and panel lines!

  13. Beautiful figures, thank you so much! <3

  14. Super stoked on this past wave, love the mix of metallic pvc and extra skeleden armor. The capes as stand alone accessory would be a dream. Love the customization of that cape pictures on Skeleden! This July drop has big shoes to fill after the Glyknights!


  16. Liked the Skullboto quite a bit! (Having Dan L order for me now instead of me order for him.) Really hoping for a Gobon return soon! Halloween Gobons would look great (Orange and black with green highlights, purple and green, maybe Skullbons?)