Thank You!!!

Thank you for a super September release! Not sure what's happening out there exactly, but we've been seeing lots of new faces and some long lost ones as well, steadily popping up over the last few months.

To try and keep things flowing better and allow for folks (new and old alike) to have access to more than just the Buildstation after a new wave, we've been bumping the production numbers up across the boards. Nothing crazy, but hopefully just enough to keep the assortments accessible a little longer than a couple of days. The Mystery figures have been some of our more popular offerings this year, so we've spent extra time adding little twists within the twists to continue the vintage inspired fun.

In general, the Villser seems to be doing pretty good as the new kid on the block, and I've really been loving the crazy builds that you guys have been sharing. The things we create over here are far from perfect, but are always filled with heart and a ton of thought, so I wanted to personally thank you for spending some time with this new creation.

The next round is set for late October and should be fun for those that enjoy not only Halloween, but a little more AD&D as well.

As of this writing, all domestic orders have shipped out, except those that came in tonight. International orders will hit the post first thing tomorrow morning and then we are 100% shipped from this release. Michelle really worked like a machine over the last week (processing the highest amount of orders in a release this year), and Pj swept in for a mega packing special mission that was awesome to behold!

The last few months have had a lot challenges and changes around here, but last week something truly glorious happened, as our brother Marcus and his awesome wife Heidi welcomed their first child into the world. We wanted to just take a moment to send all our love out to little Coralyn Eve Beaudette! Welcome to the world, kiddo! We love you already!

Wrapping up, thank you once again for granting us the freedom to continue to create this stuff. It's especially felt when you watch lives begin and end, and really see clearly how incredibly lucky it is that we've all come together, for however long it lasts, all differences aside. 


  1. First off: big congrats to Marcus and Heidi!

    Secondly, congrats on a successful drop! If numbers were upped, and the store was still mostly cleared-out, then that can only be a good thing, right? Between the return of the robots and the new alien kids on the block, not to mention that mystery figure variation, this drop was yet another strong showing in a year full of them. Kudos!

  2. Thank you Matt! New drops are always my favorite part of the month!

  3. Congrats to Marc & Heidi on the new bundle of joy.

  4. I'm just getting into the hobby so this was my first drop, I missed getting a Argen Buildman so I hope we get to see that model again soon cause I really like it, so much so I got the stealth one and axis joints for him. I can't wait to get my villser, I absolutely love that brown on him.

    1. Hey Rusty, welcome to the glyosverse! I wouldn't worry, I don't think this is last we've seen of Argen! Though it may be a while before we see him in such a shiny purple coat again!