Bit Figs: Animal Series 3

Get ready for wild mini-adventures with Animal Series 3: Safari!

Five all-new characters to collect, each available in five unique colors. Look for them in vending machines across North America this fall (featuring the elusive painted figures), and grab mystery 5-packs now at the Culture Pirates shop. Also check out the shiny, new hologram eggshell stickers just added.

Matt and I had a lot of fun creating this series, which features some of my personal favorite Bits to date. Tiny travelers hopping across crocodile heads can finally be played out on my desk! Thanks once again to Josh and the Dumphy family at SSM Vending for helping us bring these pixels to life.

It's pretty exciting to see the fourth series of Bit Figs hit the streets in the span of one year. We are equally thrilled knowing there are more to come by early 2018... the next round may take things to another dimension.


  1. "...another dimension." Hmmm, wonder what that might mean? I can tell you that if you're thinking of dropping mini crayboth bitfigs I might loose my $#!† or maybe just a run of new alien designs? That'd be sweet!
    Either way, bravo on these, especially love the look of that Hip and Croc, and the Leo in me digs having a little Lion around as well!

  2. I just bought a bunch of Bitfigs as fun give-a-ways at work :) They fit on top of monitors nicely.