Argen MK XXII Gendrone Union


  1. Loving the colors here!! Reminds me a lot of apple cider.

  2. I’m diggin’ the continued paint details especially with the axis joints on the new Argen.

    The words Alliance from two drops back and now Union both seem to hint at reconciliation. But with the Travelers or Enyriun? The pics from Alliance showed the Gendrones of all makes facing off against the Villser threat, however they didn’t seem to be aiding any other group, in fact there was a Gendrone Alliance Villser. Does this Union spark the beginning of Argens redemption? Is he friend or foe? How does Argenisis differ from Argen in his affiliation?

    The 8bit Gif from the Hensin iii drop seemed if not nefarious then at least covert, as if Silverborg was oblivious to this hidden entity within the DNA of the Pathfinder.

    Will Argenisis finally step out of the shadows? Will he try and usurp Argen as the rightful leader of a newly sentient Gendrone race? Or is this a bond made between two sides of the same coin?

    1. Also it would seem fitting for this to be a confrontation between Twin entities. It is Agren MK 22 after all... Wonder if this means Argenisis will arrive in the Cranberry accessory for we have grown accustom to? Cause Cranberry Hubsets and Glyarmor sound EXCELLENT!!!

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  4. So how does this compare to the Ultra Bronze of yesteryear? Looks a little brighter this time around.

  5. That's a very nice blonde bronze color. Can't wait to see it on the Gobon with some accessories to build him up like last time.

    Will the AP "What If" expansion get a preview? I really want to see that one.