Bio-Masters: Wave 5

Construction-Minded Terror, Pat Bussey, has another wickedly specialized Bio-Mass Monster set for release later tonight, at 9PM CST (10PM EST), over in his store.

Pat's latest gang of monstrosities marks one of the first times that all of our in-house accessories have been available outside of the Onell site, and the new "Deconstructor" Unit shown in Pat's artwork above really delivers something exciting, imaginative and just super fun. Make sure you check out Pat's continuing story arc as well (a familiar entity may be meddling with the Deconstructor code).

This one sports an extra power packed punch, Pat! Love these themed waves!


  1. There are some interesting looking figures drawn really tiny... Hmm...

  2. I've got a Xenodeth Super Cray that's been causing havoc here, I get the feeling one of these is just what I need to fight it off...