I wanted to pop one last post up before we start to explore 2018 and just say thanks once again for a memorable 10th year. Working on the various Glyos projects has personally meant more to me than ever this year,  allowing for a steady and calm point of focus throughout a 2017 full of crossroads. It was one for the books, no doubt.

A final farewell goes out to Carole, Memaw, Jenny, Cathy and Dad.

See you in the next round.


  1. See you beyond the Edge, Travelers.

    Happy New Year everyone ^_^

  2. As always, can't wait for what the future brings! That is one badass picture, and as long as you're still making stuff I'll be buying it! Happy New year and thank you for everything.

  3. It is crazy to me that 10 years of Onell design and Glyos has just passed on the dial. Can't wait to see what 2018 brings, but I always liked even numbered years anyway.

  4. The mysterious adventure is back! What could these two be searching for? What strange place are they exploring? What discovery might they unveil? Love these little installments that, hopefully, lead up to another drop!