Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great last release of 2017! In a year filled with more curveballs than usual, being allowed to continue exploring this project has really kept things centered around here. Even though it's now been over 10 years, the excitement of playing with this stuff has never faded for us, and that's thanks to the bonds that we all share. Each time we connect, we feel energized and inspired to do more, to open another door and discover something new. A thousand blog posts couldn't cover the gratitude we feel for what each of you has worked with us to build. We fly this ship together!

Almost all orders placed since the release have hit the post as of this writing, with just a few being processed today. Packages should start showing up tomorrow, a little ahead of the holiday madness.
Another massive thank you to Michelle and Pj for staying in overdrive to get everything out the door.

The higher production numbers we've been running over the last few rounds continue to hold up, and it seems like folks are finding what they want without too much stress. We'll keep on turning the dials in an effort to find just the right balance!

Looking ahead, we've got a few fun new projects emerging in early 2018 of a crossover nature, and our next release is planned for sometime in mid-January. Expect new action from all across the Glyoverse as 2018 gets rolling.

Thank you once again from the whole family for sticking with us!

PS -All orders that contained both a Glyarmor Specialist Cypracor and a Glyan GU Commando were packed with a bonus cape (one of three possible colors) and an extra RF Weapons Set to unlock the secret 8th Glyknight, Ollcadis!


  1. Sweeeet! Glad I went in for both! Another great drop...looking forward to seeing what the mystery fig is!

  2. Just placed an order for another Cypracor and a GU Commando, 'cause I needs me Glyknight Ollcadis! Hope you still have some capes and RF weapons left!

  3. Grateful for your increased production numbers; allowed me to participate a bit later on the last few drops, I hope it's a win/win for taking the risk. Congrats and here's to the next 10 years!

  4. 2017 was a great year for Glyos! I fondly remember popping my first order into the store in late March, and I've only missed one drop since.

    I always love seeing what everyone can come up with, whether it's a clever build or a new use of colors/tampos that makes a classic figure seem brand-new. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this community has in store for 2018!

  5. 2017 was a hard year for many reasons, but Glyos always made things a little easier to bear. And what a year for Glyos it was: stellar releases, new approaches to some old favorites, and welcome additions to the ranks in both plastic and human forms.

    Who knows what the future holds, but knowing that you all have something coming 'round the bend will always make it just a little better in the day-to-day. Thanks for that, and here's hoping for a wonderful holiday season ahead!

  6. I'm getting a Time Traveler vibe from the Xycoss Clone. This was a great wave to finish out another phenomenal year of Glyos.