Thank You!!!

Extra big thanks for a super release! Task Force Volkriun is one of our old school selections, so we really wanted to offer something fun for its return to action. The combination of  crossovers (thank you John and Jesse D!) allowed for some truly open ended build potential, and once again granted access to further explorations of the Variable Reflex Driver story arc. I've been wanting to build some super charged TFV green machines for years!

The Xenodeth Villser is another one that's been waiting in the wings since the original sculpt was completed, particularly in the "Morphic Creeper" configuration shown above. By swapping the "brains' and "bio-croissants" on these two new colors, you get even closer to the Giger inspired look that's a deep part of the Villser's design DNA. Those familiar with the early iterations of the Xenomorph from the classic Alien film will understand the clear cream tint choice and its significance.

Looking down the road a bit, we'll be rolling out our next wave in early April, which will wrap up the mini Real Type trilogy of releases that started in January. Expect some colors that line up well alongside both the Glyaxia Rangers and Task Force Volkriun assortments.

All orders placed up until a few hours ago have been packed, processed and shipped. Michelle and Pj were both totally in the zone as usual, keeping things from overwhelming the barn as the boxes and tape were flying around. They are absolutely the reason that the orders move out the door so quickly.  Some NewRetroWave mixes and a generous helping of Hall & Oates made up the soundtrack in the packatorium this time.

Special thanks to Ralph for delivering not one, but three beautiful illustrations. I think he could make just about anything look a thousand times cooler than it really is with that superhuman talent of his.

Thanks again for the great response to Task Force Volkriun's return. These colors are very special to us because they were first explored by the great Dave "Pappysoup" Pappas , a gifted writer, dedicated veteran and true friend. Long live Pappysoup! This one is dedicated to you!


  1. This was such a great drop! Congrats!

  2. I am so happy I got both colors of the villser... I got to the drop too late for a few things, but I love what I was able to get

  3. Congrats on another excellent release, love that Xenodeth/Gelnos mix. Hmm...will we be seeing a dark gray and fluorescent orange real type next round? Still hoping for some translucent Glyans this year! (Crossing fingers)

    If you're diggin' that newretrowave sound, I highly recommend Perturbator, Dangerous Days or I am the Night are both excellent introductions, got a John Carpenter meets Drive sound track vibe.