Variable Reflex Driver: Caliber Crusher


  1. How many fingers died for this?!?!

    Also, how heavy is it?

  2. Between the snow shoveling mania over the last month, I think my fingers (and arms) preferred being crushed by this PVC behemoth. Plus, hot box!

    Its fighting weight lands at just over 2 pounds (with the drivers).

    The build is fully contained with a few sneaky "cheats". For more stabilization you can add 4 extra Switch Pins to really lock it up. Then you can hold it by one end and it barely bends.

    1. Matt I know you've probably said it before, but how is your hot box set up? Right now I'm using a hobby heat gun and one of your shipping boxes, but am leaning towards more of a permanent station.

    2. I use one of the standard "treasure" shipping boxes (not the extra big one) with a "c" cut horizontally (like the c is laying down on its opening) in the middle area of the box.

      I then slide the hairdryer in that slot and heat everything for 40 second bursts, shuffling the parts inside the closed box between blasts. You'll end up doing this multiple times throughout a larger build.

      Often, I'll also heat all the separated parts up for a specific build and let them sit for a few hours before I get started, letting the "memory" of the shapes and fits return to their original state. This can even the playing field and help with loose connections that happen from certain parts combinations and connection pressure.

      After I complete a build, I'll then heat the whole assembled thing (sometimes the extra big shipping box comes out for mongo-sized ones) and then let it sit an hour before handling it.

    3. I think you should get a sponsorship from conair!

    4. That explanation is immensely helpful, Matt, for those of us who don't understand the properties and limits of pvc! I've heard people say "just use a hot box" but without explaining the how/why/how long/what stage of building etc bits and what that actually does to the pvc, so your description is really fantastic. Thanks!

  3. Sweet! I need to get playing with my RoboForce stuff again soon.