Wave 79 is GO!

Wave 79 is live!
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Thanks once again to Ralphus for the two incredible illustrations!

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  1. This art is really great. I think it's what pushed me over the top to get those caramel-colored robot friends. Just awesome job by @Ralphus and great drop overall! But anything with Volkriun in it is good by my book.

  2. So, I'm a huge fan of this homage. Macross is kickass and I think you did a fantastic job with the figures and their designs.


    Why no swing joints or hub sets for the Zentraedi Glyans? The only full building part set was the mustard which, while I'm fond of the color personally, we didn't get a Glyan in to totally make use of all those building parts. I think the lavender and plum Glyans would have been made way more desirable if they at least had swing joints or a hub, which really are usually used on Glyans more than Travelers from what I've seen.

    This might not be in high demand, and obviously you'd know best what would and would not sell, but I think you should consider a small run of Zentraedi plum and lavender building parts in another drop down the line, maybe a smaller one that has a lot of open slots anyhow.


    1. Thanks for the feedback! It's always helpful to see the different perspectives on these releases.

      The mustard PVC was chosen for the full compliment of accessories because we were focusing mainly on potential builds centered around the RF Kit for this round.

      Usually, we run an abundance of Axis Joint Sets in almost every PVC color per wave, due to that mold still being pretty popular for basic builds across the spectrum. However, running all the other accessories in every color has historically left us with just a bit more than we need after the majority of sales come through. Because of this, we like to choose a single PVC hue to do the full Axis, Hub, Swing and Phase assortment in.

      A more stripped down mustard Glyan color mechanical was actually drafted and nearly went through, but we pulled back in favor of the purple Glyan.

      All that being said, we do have the whole year to revisit some of these colors, and you will most likely see the plum and the purple again.