Geodraxus of Prismiria!

Tonight, our extended family welcomes a very special new member to mix, as Pj Bartlett's amazing Geodraxus crystallizes into its first painted production run!

Pj has been working and reworking Geo since way back in 2013, first starting as a custom resin project, then a 3D printed venture and now the complete, fully interchangeable PVC deal! Having a front row seat for the journey has been completely awesome, and super inspiring. Be sure to spend some time over on Pj's blog to explore the development of this fantastic and unique character (and many others) he's created.

Check out Pj's shop here!

You've made something incredible, Peej! Congratulations from the whole family! Long live Geodraxus!

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  1. Been waiting on this one for a long time. Can't wait to see this figure in person.