Steady Craftin' with The Crafsman!

Over the last few days we've seen a steady stream of new faces/orders popping up, with a much higher frequency than usual, this long after a launch. Thanks to a tip from Pj, we discovered the above video that was recently created by the mysterious and hypnotic Crafsman. After watching the Crafsman in action (he really "gets" it), I of course ended up exploring the universe that the Crafsman has been building, revealing an innovative and clever mind at work that delivers his knowledge in super satisfying dulcet tones. Check out his Patreon here and YouTube channel here.  Huge thanks go out to The Crafsman for sharing his discovery of Glyos!

For all the new folks that may be seeing this post, thank you for visiting the site. We've raided our personal product archives since the Crafsman video debuted to try and bring some additional selections to our store for you, but as of this writing almost everything has been wiped out. That being said, we'll be announcing our next release date very soon, which will feature a fresh assortment of figures and accessories to choose from.

In the meantime, please explore the full spectrum of our extended Glyos producing family by following the links below, as well as searching the tags here on the blog for more backstory on each of these partner lines and their respective creators.

Glyos Makers:


Bit Figs

Cappy Space

Double G Toys

Galaxxor -new release last week

Godbeast/Kabuto Mushi -new release last weekend


Mystical Warriors of the Ring

Nemo's Factory  


Rise of the Beasts

Rocket North/Banimon

Space Out Design/Geodraxus

Spy Monkey Creations/Battle Tribes

The Outer Space Men

Toyfinity/Robo Force

Toy Pizza -just completed funding for AFOTM 2020! Conratulations Jesse D, Nicky and Jack!

Warlords of Wor -new release last week

Zullbeast (a Crafsman favorite)

*Mechazone -not in full production yet but soon to be

Thanks again to the Crafsman and all his viewers for looking into this small part of the independent toy world! Also, a big shout out to custom figure making king, Adam Crohn for setting this all in motion. Thanks for looking out, Adam!


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  2. Matt, I'm so happy to share such a wonderful toy universe with my viewers, and am honored to be mentioned on the Onell website! THANK YOU to you, Michelle, Megan, Marc, and anyone else behind the scenes whose name might or might not start with M. I appreciate y'all keeping COOL toys alive!

  3. Thanks for the love, Matt! I'm so fortunate Crafsman gave me the opportunity to finally come out as the real Jason Statham. It's been really hard keeping that from you guys.

  4. Crafman keeping everyone busy, ran out of bubble wrap, beaucoup of orders this week.

  5. Thank you Crafsman for sharing this amazing video with us. As well as links to all these super awesome places dealing with the Glyos Toys.

  6. Absolutely Love these! Thank you Crafsman for sharing!

  7. Thanks to Crafs Man for introducing me to these awesome toys, and thanks to Matt and his family for making products with such coolnicity. I have a small order on the way already.(PS) I am so glad you put up a small wave of Pheyden in default colors for us new people, it's such a cool design.

  8. This dude is amazing. Everything about what he does and how he does it. He sounds like a cross between Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks and Dwayne Mieghan from The Cleveland Show, but really, really chill. Such a delight ^u^

  9. Big fan of the craftsman and 80's toys, thanks for introducing me to new addictions...i mean collectibles.

  10. Not to induce panic or anything, but umm... the time grows near. ;)


    1. Oh yay, a link! Lemme just load this up and see what it could be ab- OH, YOU SICK PUPPY oAo;;;

  11. Feeling both relaxed and inspired watching this video; magical. Must rewatch and subscribe.

  12. Matt i noticed October toys wasn’t up in the links so I found them moving on and was a little distraught because I don’t have a skeleden or skeleden armored glyknight yet. is skeleden gone for good or can you retain any access to that mold?

    1. October Toys closed, but Double G Toys still sells the Titan Skeleton. They also had the one Kickstarter exclusive Skeleden which sold out more recently from leftover stock in the Double G Toys' shop.

      Matt occasionally puts characters on a break when they've popped up quite a few times. The Skeleden was around for last Halloween and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Skeleden return for this one as well and/or the Glyknight with Skeleden armor. The next drop was referred to as a "follow-up" to last year so maybe Pheyaos will meet its boney cousin. You can also find older Skeleden figures on eBay and there is always The Glyos Exchange to pursue and post up requests.