Flying Vipers - Two Twenties Clash

New music and merch from Flying Vipers! Check out the single + shirt, or stream the track on your preferred platform.

It's been a minute since my last personal post, so if you happen to be new around here, I also operate a small indie label and play drums in a few bands. Check out the Music ADD tag to see some of the audio-visual connections spawned here over the years, find our playlists on Spotify or Apple, or take the plunge and nosedive into our discography if you're feeling daring.  -Marcus


  1. I noticed there were no comments on this one, so I just wanted to leave some love for the Doughty family, immediate and extended. I hope you guys are all doing okay over there, and I hope all your partners in China are safe as well.

  2. Hope everyone is ok, can't remember in the history of Glyos not receiving any kind of updates on this page!!