Thank You!!!

A belated but huge thank you for a strong start to 2020! The heavier traffic has continued to flow through the site (thanks again to the Crafsman Effect), with most of the expanded stock holding up well, save for the crazy blowout of the Queen Kirallius figure. We did order across the boards at a higher amount, but that particular selection just burned through on the quick, even though the limit was one per person (which was followed, regardless of some speculations that have been floating around). We're discussing potentially running Queen Kirallius (or a variation) again at some point this year, but we now have some new developments to navigate, namely the novel coronavirus that's currently challenging our friends in China and affecting the production schedule.

As of this writing, our factory is still closed, with the plan being to attempt a return to full operation sometime later this month or early March. Our primary concern is for the safety of our partners and their families in China and Hong Kong during this extremely tough turn of events. We're keeping a eye on each new twist and checking in daily with Paul. We'll update here on the blog with any relevant information. 

In light of the larger issues looming over the world right now, I'm going to keep this post extra brief.

All orders, including all internationals, have hit the post as of this writing. We're trying to turn and burn the orders out as fast as possible, and really appreciate the steady flow of action since the launch last week.

Additionally, make sure to keep an eye on the Spaced Out Design Store this Friday night for some new spins on the awesome Geodraxus mold. Pj's got a particularly "cool" assortment to share with you guys!

Wrapping up, we've received a number of requests to see the final build of the combined Sincrodrone form (called the Sincrobine) that was possible using the Sincrodrone Trio. The above image is the build, albeit in a "warping" state. We wanted to give a little more time before revealing a completely clear shot so that folks could explore the possibilities without being too influenced by the "official" configuration. A clear pic will pop up at a later date for those that want to build the version that's been kicking around here on the desk.

Until then, have fun building and stay safe out there!


  1. Renewed good health, fortune, and prosperity to the people of China.

  2. Here's hoping everyone is okay.

    That being said, the Sincrobine is proving a fun little puzzle to crack! Here's hoping we get more challenges like this in the future!

  3. Speaking of secret official builds, we never got the "official" Hammerden head build...any chance we'll get to see that?

  4. I've been monitoring the WHO situation reports of the Coronavirus daily. It's scary stuff. I'm glad to hear they're taking precautions there. I love our Glyos toys, but the health of people is of utmost importance.

    Good news about the virus is that it's not spreading exponentially anymore. New cases are still hovering around 3k/day. The mortality rate dipped down to 2% for a few days but has increased a bit the last few days and is just under 3% now.

    Much love and concern for those over there who provide us so much pure joy.

    1. Correction: Yesterday there were 1,826 new infections worldwide, which is significantly less than the 3k it's been holding at for the last few days. That's promising, and shows that the efforts to contain it are having an impact.

  5. I hope all this will end soon, I've been saving up all of my money in hopes of a giant glyos drop once this is all over. Hopefully everyone out there is safe.