Surface Healing

The last few months have been spent mostly away from the public digital world, with a tight focus on clocking in more solid hours with the family and contemplating the past, present and future of our operation. You know, lightweight stuff.

Though massively belated, I will eternally be thankful for all the truly extraordinary dedication that we've been shown by so many of you out there, now coming up on fourteen years straight. It feels very surreal to think about all that's changed during that span of time. 

It absolutely sounds generic, but 2020 really did have some incredible highs coinciding with some of the deepest lows, all coming right on top of each other. The sudden passing of Ralph flattened our whole household, and it made it extremely hard for me to stay focused on keeping the ship running with excitement knowing that he was gone. After mostly pulling it together for the big December 2020 release, I felt the need to circle the wagons and regenerate with the kids and Michelle. It was a very quiet holiday season but the silence was welcome. That healing period extended into the last three months.

Clearly this blog has been something that I've slowed down on over the last few years, though I do still love that we built so much through this now fairly antiquated portal into what we do over here. It's not shown as much, but my time is still spent drawing, sculpting and assisting all the other makers on the regular. I've just become a bit more introverted over the years in posting about it. I tend to go the other way when I see so much heavy overexposure happening with almost everything out there.

With the above being said, we do have multiple things in motion and hopefully at the end of the month or maybe early April we'll be ready to share some new stuff. 

The creative fire will never go out, it's just not burning in the spotlight.



  1. Glad to hear you're resting up. Looking forward to whatever you've got cooking, sometimes you've just gotta let that stew simmer to let all of the flavors melt together. That being said, even getting a scent of an image like the one posted above has by mouth watering...

  2. Blessed to have found this toy line and community. It got me back into toys after many years away. Thank you for all you do Matt, take as much time as you need, and everyone be safe.

  3. The past year was . . . a lot, to put it lightly, and so taking time to reconnect, to focus more on keeping one's house in order when there's too much chaos in the world outside? It's natural, and it's liable to keep everyone a little healthier in the long run, psychologically and otherwise.

    That being said, it's good to see a post from you to confirm that all's well. And as for sharing, well, we've had over a decade of story notes, illustrations, sketches, animations, and more — if things slow down for a few in order to keep the fires burning, then it's not like there isn't a whole universe (or Glyos System) for the eager to explore in the meantime.

    Be well, and here's to the Year of the Robot, my friend.

  4. I have to say thank you for all the years you made Glyos what it is. It was your figures and their customability that allowed me craft my own characters that made 2020 easier to digest.

  5. I'm glad you all took some personal time. It's been a rough time. I miss you guys, i wish there was a way to better be in touch with you. As always, i anxiously await what you've got coming out next, as i have these past... 13 years? Wow

  6. The past few years have been really hard for me since my father died and my financial situation has caused me to drop out of active collecting, but I still look forward to every post here. Things seem to be gradually improving here and I am hoping to get more involved again in stuff soon, but in the meantime I am still supporting Glyos by word of mouth and such that I can.

  7. We're all beasts of burden. And the mind carries a great weight as well. Sometimes it seems too heavy, but a day will come when you'll find you're strong enough to take it up again.

  8. I miss Ralph every day. It is rough. I still need to return your email.

  9. It's really good to hear from you, Matt. The network of independent toy creators that you have helped found and support is truly inspirational. If you recall, I wanted to interview you a couple of years ago for a geek-oriented website I was writing for at the time; that's now a moot point, but I do regret not getting a chance to sit down and talk with you.
    I can't imagine future releases in the Glyos universe not coming with a painstakingly drawn mini-comic from Ralph as accompaniment. He knew how to capture the intensity of story and detail as no one else could.
    Looking forward to your unique vision in 2021. Love and Peace.

  10. It's important to separate the creator from the human. The creator thrives on things like deadlines & obstacles, and feeds off the stress those things create.

    The human gets put aside for the creator's selfish needs, not realizing that the things we call procrastination (spending time with friends and family) is just as important to the creative process as anything else.

    Don't ever feel bad for taking the time to stoke that fire.

  11. I think I speak for most of us when I say that Ralph's passing blew me away, and still does. It felt like it came from nowhere. He was one of my favorite presences on the old October Toys forum, and his insane genius worked its way into so much of your stuff, like a beautiful ongoing collab, spinning the Glyos narrative in new directions.

    Retreat and recovery is the natural, and often best response to grief. The working world is molded to sustain itself- not its human labor- and we often internalize some of its less-positive values along with the character-building stuff. It's so good to hear you've been spending personal family time instead of being entrenched in the plague. I was surprised when the drop went ahead and on time with its usual vigor. I'm grateful you didn't maintain that pace, and instead took the time that you needed. If Glyos needs to be on hold longer, so be it. Give yourself that space. We can wait.

    Actually, I'm enjoying having some time to focus on my collection. Slowly open things I haven't yet. Hunt down some old grails. Bringing a Redlaw Exellis home after so many years was one of the last big events of 2020 for me. It made having the Delphi and the remolded Armorvors that little bit more special.

    Wishing you and all the family- blood or non- the very best. Please take care of yourselves. May you continue to heal.

  12. With all the insanity that's been going on my own life in the past 3 week, I never popped over here on the blog to see where YOU were at. The fact you guys are still plugging away, 14 years later, is amazing. I was 27 yrs old when you started Glyos, and now I'm 41 with Glyos now part of my toy nostalgia. I have photos shot on my ancient cell phone from 2009 with the first Build Man you made and that little figure hits home with me everytime I build with one. That figure allowed me to make so many crazy cool things over the years and I am always thankful that Glyos, along with you and your family, came into our lives.

    I am glad you have been at least using the Pandemic in a positive way and spending more time with Michelle and the girls. I feel this Pandemic is almost like a chrysalis for all of us, and once it has passed we will all emerge from it transformed, for better or for worse.

    Looking forward to whatever you guys have in store next!!

  13. A buddy of mine reminded me of Glyos yesterday; I spent all my time deep diving through everything and catching up.

    I remember seeing your first posts back in the very beginning and loving your work but never having the funds to really hop in until just now.

    I want to say that I may be a total stranger but I'm so happy with the work you've done over the years and I know your creative spark will always shine brightly.

    I guess that's a real roundabout way of saying; hang in there and I look forward to what's coming.

  14. Its interesting to me to read the comments and pick up on which ones are coming from a 'ok but cant wait for more toys' focal and those who see how significant this unprecedented period in our personal lives really has been.

    Not that I am saying that anything is ending but it reminds me of news of Daft Punks 'retirement'. There were those that were distraught & out of sorts and there were those that were immediately joyous for having lived a portion of their life overlapping with their many great works.

  15. I feel you guys, I really do. After being sick for almost all of 2019 and losing both remaining grandparents that winter to top it off...I pretty much spent all of 2020 healing (still a work in progress). I only ever communicated with Ralph online, but he was always a sweet guy, and I cried off and on a lot when I got the news. I can only imagine how deeply it affected you and your family when you were so close to him. Hopefully we have some better years coming up where life is a little brighter than it's been recently.