Thank You!!!

Warm thanks go out to you from the cold North! It was a small assortment but a really fun round to share, channeling one of our great inspirations right in time to accompany a certain new streaming show. There's something glorious about being up at 3AM with some fresh PVC, a slice of cold pizza and a new episode.

A special part of this mini wave comes in the form of a preview for something new we call the Sincro Armor Set. Though it's not a full reveal of everything in this set, each Glyan provides a little sneak playtime with some of what's in store. The parts were designed and sculpted to work with most of our standard figures (Travelers, Glyans, Sincroborgs), not to mention a few figures from our partner makers as well. Just some more weird stuff to customize and mess around with!

Michelle and I ran solo for all processing and packing this time, and tried to move as quickly as possible. The barn was filled with the sounds of K-Pop (STAYC), the Metroid soundtrack and Pale Waves. Definitely an eclectic mix of noise to keep the pace cooking. All orders outside of those that were placed today have gone out.

As I mentioned in some of the comments last week, we are aiming to have a fairly good sized wave roll out in mid-late March if everything stays on track overseas. As has been the new normal, predictably unexpected stoppages continue to come up on a nearly weekly basis. 2021 was easily harder to navigate than 2020, but thanks to the supercharged support from each of you we were able to make it through with only two sales last year. The combination of higher production runs and some new mold action seemed to also help keep the lights on. We have a good batch of new projects currently in various stages of production, with some being in house and some being crossovers. It would seem that a number of makers have monsters on the mind this year.

Thank you for recharging us over and over with your continued dedication. We'll always work diligently to earn that privilege and will never take your interest for granted. It's pretty crazy to still be sharing new creations with you, here in year 15! 


  1. I've been grooving to some new Royksopp and Animal Collective recently while building.
    Really dig the new armor and how it pairs with double axis jointed Glyans. The Quarrian Comando is especially fun to take out in the fresh snow. At this point we might be buried come spring, but at least the space heater will keep the PVC warm for building. Great drop, for what's it's worth, I don't mind the smaller focused release. looking forward to the reveal to the full Sincro Armor! Maybe one day in Bluestar?

  2. I've found Pale Waves at the start of the pandemic. They're cool. Glad to hear from you all.

  3. The Synchroborg stylings continue to get more fun to mix in, plus I'm always happy to see you make the Glyan even cooler. I'm glad we're still getting Glyos in this big dumb world, and I can't wait to see what you have coming up next. Thanks, Boss.

  4. Excited to see what's in store for March! The new armor set looks interesting, and I can't help but wonder how it'll pair with builds like the Argenesis / Phase Sentinel. Of course, seeing it on a Sincroborg will also be really nice...

    Keep on keepin' on, and here's to a good start to 2022!

  5. I can't wait to see what's next. I've got my fingers crossed for some Glow in the Dark, but I'm sure whatever it is will be amazing.

    Which Metroid soundtrack were you listening to? I just downloaded Metroid Cinematic by Sam Dillard, and it is just amazing.

  6. Great wave, Matt. Thanks for the extras! Also, I just relaunched my Star Wars podcast, I Have Spoken. Maybe you'll enjoy it, or maybe it'll make you want to steal water on a vespa!

  7. Hi Matt - great to see the new product continue!
    Are there any plans to revisit the Birnkantverse again in 2022? Your imaginative spins on the OSM are some of my favorites (don't tell Gary!)

  8. I too would like to know if any more OSM crossovers are in the works. ��

  9. When you tell someone you'll be somewhere at a certain time, it's a good practice to reach out when you're going to be late. 😉