Cryptophaser - XXII

With the return of Bandcamp Friday, my brother John and I would like to share our debut release as Cryptophaser. Inspired equally by Black Sabbath and Black Flag, this new project is a blast of fuzzed out rock with a dash of wavy synths. We've played in many bands together over the past 20+ years, but this is the first time we've fully embraced being twins and created everything ourselves (including the cheeky video below).

Available now on cassette and digital, coming to streaming platforms on 2.22.22. Thanks for listening!


  1. That was absolutely BAD. ASS.

    I want that to be my theme music when I'm breaking into an enemy missile base to plant explosives, then escape as a fireball blooms in slow-motion behind me.

    That riff is going to be stuck in my brain all day, and I love it.

  2. Awesome tunes and a fun video! Sadly I didn't see this until Saturday but I'll pick up next next Bandcamp Friday for sure.