Thank You!!!

You guys are a total force! Thank you once again for another great experience and a powerful turnout for Wave 93. In a world that's really spinning in some stranger ways than usual, your support of something as rinky-dink as our operation still continues to amaze us here, even after nearly 15 years. Truly, we are grateful for all the things that each of you grant us, but especially the genuine ability to stay independent.

This new assortment had been in the works (like seemingly everything I mention in these sparse posts) for about a year. It faced multiple delays during the end of 2021 and almost half of 2022. We don't have to wait until the the far flung future to reflect on how wild maintaining any kind of consistent production throughout the pandemic has been. Despite the obstacles, we feel lucky to still be standing, even if only on half a leg. 

Seeing the Sincro Armor finally roll out with all its parts has been good, as there are a number of secret functions packed into its weirdo design. The Sincroborg as a whole represents a large part of my personal odd aesthetic, with pronounced asymmetry and stacked shapes piled into that familiar humanoid form. Its new armor components also serve as a massive tribute to the powerhouse artists who guided so many of us with their astounding works. Shotaro Ishinomori, Makoto Kobayashi, Moebius and the very missed Ralph Niese are just four of the masters whose inspiration flowed through my blades and clay as the Sincroborg and its various parts materialized from someplace beyond. I hope you feel something creatively satisfying if you decide to check that mold out.

The current battle plan is to have our next release in late July, timed to coincide with our 15th anniversary. Depending on the twists and turns overseas, we might be able to stick the landing. Either way, expect some more action from us around that time. 

Michelle and I were on solo duty for the processing and shipping, and with the extra large turnout and beefy assortment, we were put to the test old school style. Thankfully, Michelle still runs on a super charged engine, and was able to hammer through and keep the orders and box stacks on track. Cady and CC stepped in for some greatly appreciated label stickering assistance in shifts as well. I think my hardened hands turned to hamburger on about day 8 of papering and taping, and I was smiling the whole time. 

Wrapping up, our whole family thanks you more than ever for your interest in all things Glyos. Your continued support of not only what we do here, but our partner companies as well, has allowed all of us to defy the odds and stay authentic and intact. We look forward to crossing into even more creative dimensions together, with you.  


  1. Thanks to you and your family and team for everything! This was a very awesome drop. Looking forward to the future. Geozilla (George Davis).

  2. Thank you as always for all you do, Onell family! No matter how long it takes or what twists and turns come along the way, I always love seeing what you put out, and your creations always fill my toy nerd heart with joy. Take care!

  3. A nice assortment of colors. I’m pleasantly surprised that the handsome fellow in the picture is a very close match for the crayhunter wave way back when. I always figured those guys needed a little extra protection from the chitinous hordes that are their prey.
    The Sincroborg definitely calls back to the paneled trapping rigs you’ve shown here. They’re definitely in a different aesthetic vein than the travelers/noboto/Delphi, or even the phaseons and gobons. I’m still getting to know the guy.

  4. Another great drop! Thank you for almost 15 years I think I've been with you for almost all of it. Great job guys!

  5. Checking the blog every day now - looking for news of the late July drop!