Wave 96 is GO!

Wave 96 is live!

Huge thanks to the unbelievably multitalented Erwin Papa for another wicked Manglors illustration! 

We've had the best time working on the Manglors project with John and Erwin, and what better way to celebrate the ongoing Manglors Madness than with a Manglors takeover! Kaisyriax and Pheyden look like they've met their match!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.


  1. Replies
    1. Hm, everything seems up and running here. Is it not loading or are you getting an error message?

    2. Woops, might have just been my machine, restarted and it's all good. Thanks!

  2. Ouch. All this Glyos goodness of late, so little money. S'okay, I can do without vape juice for the week. Bad habit anyway. ^_^

  3. Beautiful Erwin Papa art to match an awesome mini-wave! I love the concept of smaller waves more often, especially with a continuity of colorways from one wave to the next. Congratulations, and thanks for creating toys that still ignite an old imagination!