Manglors Wave 1.5

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Direct from Toyfinity HQ:

Due to popular demand, the standard MANGLORD is back! 

Toyfinity is offering a special re-order allowing you to add this supreme warrior chieftain of the Manglor tribes to your collections!

But he is not alone...

As a special bonus, you will also have the chance to add a returning threat from the primordial times of planet Uzalek to your collection - the PROTOLORD and his demonic followers, the PROTOMORDLES! 

Pre-order window closes tonight at midnight: https://toyfinity.store

Video produced by Toyfinity & Onell Design
Art by Nate Baertsch
Animation by Marc Beaudette
Music by Arcadia Doughty

Art by Erwin Papa

1 comment:

  1. Definitely need a Pheyaos in standard Manglord green/purple!