Traveler Gearius Granthan Drifter

As a Second Generation Traveler, Gearius possesses far fewer abilities than those of his First Generation brethren. Even after manning a powerful Rig and then later utilizing Delphi powered armor to lead his own special forces, Gearius still wonders about what his greater purpose might be. Must he always rely solely on external technology to meet any challenge, or could there be a way to evolve beyond it?

Depowering back down into a normal Traveler form (albeit now sporting a special multipurpose poncho armor he procured from a mysterious dealer of antiquities called Draecarek), Gearius returns to Granthan in search of answers, accompanied by a small team of kindred drifters ... 


  1. Good to see Gearius getting more character development! Here's hoping he's able to draw the strength he seeks from within...

  2. I'll bet this poncho armor would look awesome on Callgrim!