Game of Hope 2023

One of the major things we've missed throughout the pandemic was connecting in-person each year with our extended Japanese family. Now, after far too long a pause, we're all able to finally have a reunion, but for the first time right here in New England.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be in attendance co-hosting the first Game of Hope exhibition to be held at Jesse Moore's Graphic Jam screen printing shop, which also doubles as the official headquarters of Callgrim.

Flying in direct from Tokyo and releasing limited editions of their otherworldly Japanese sofubi will be the superhuman quartet of RealxHead, Uamou, Cord Viper and Goccodo.

Running support for this mini showcase will be the equally incredible Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen, Toyfinity (John Kent), Spaced Out Design (Pj Bartlett) and performing live, Toy Pizza's very own Jesse Destasio and Zed Star Seven! Jesse D will also be promoting his latest campaign to bring another of his childhood characters to life (more on this next week).

In special celebration of the event, Jesse Moore will also be revealing his latest assortment of Callgrim, featuring all new runs of the most notorious bounty hunter in the Glyos System. Jesse will have some surprises pulled from his archives available as well. There's also rumor that some very rare Callgrim sofubi might make an appearance...

The Game of Hope is set to run tomorrow, October 28th from 1-6 PM at the Graphic Jam in Beverly, MA.


  1. Me and Mike got in late last night, looking forward to the show!! Sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome time.

  2. A nice sign of things going back to normal post pandemic and what a fellowship to celebrate it, wish I could be there!

  3. Very excited for tomorrow, looking forward to seeing you guys again and meeting some of the other creators for the first time.

  4. I wish I could attend, but look forward to seeing coverage on social media, and to seeing NEW CALLGRIM!!

  5. Wish I could be there. Sounds like about half the members of indie toy mount olympus are assembled.

  6. Good Morning Sirs,
    Sorry that I have missed playing the game of horse with you last saturnday, this was due to my wife's very demanding Honey-Dew list. She says to me 'you cannot go over to your friends house and play glyos mens unless you please me first!'. But I cannot do enough tasks to please her until many days later and so tears have come out of my face today. I wish I was like Martin Makefly and could go to 88 mph through time in a cowboy suit, but my scooter only goes to 41 mph, even if I put my head down to make it very, very airgodynamic. I hope that I can give you some money for alien mens soon. I am starting to make wave predictions for fun and I think the main color will be blue this time (this is because I am very feeling the blues).
    Good morning Sirs.

  7. Replies
    1. 9:30 est Sunday night

    2. Is the Callgrim drop at http://callgrim.com/shop/ ? I ask because his shop says, "NEW SHOP COMING SOON"

  8. I would assume the web address for the shop is the same. Prolly just a new shop layout.

  9. Good Morning Sirs!

    Sorry that I have come back so very, very soon, but I have made a big mistake upstairs with my comments. I am riding a moped NOT a scooter; I really do not want anybody to think that I am some sort of a clown riding around on a child's scooter. No sirs, I am a serious.
    Also, on the other side, I forgot to mention that I am having some very nice dreams about the return of Mr Gobon. In them he is training for his comeback! He wakes up very, very early and makes a drink of six raw eggs. He then puts on some old sweating clothes from his laundry pile and runs through the streets to his theme music. Soon he is joined by a long trail of chickens, cats, dogs, some attractive ladies, some muscles mens and some very, very old people riding mobility scooters! After his running is finished Mr Gobon then shows them all how he beats the meat! Very awesome! Anyhat, I must go now, my wife is shouting words in another room.
    Good morning sirs!