Mercenary Alert

Returning from beyond the void and hot on the heels of the recent Game of Hope show, Jesse Moore and his boys have released an all new wave of Callgrim to wreak havoc on your toy shelves and work desks across the plastic frontier! 

This new assortment marks the online debut of the Heavy Armored Order, which is a special "hidden" form of the Sincro Armor Set. 

The main goal of  Sincro Armor project was to create a multi-purpose "universal" set that could line up with not only the Sincroborg, but also many of the various molds from across the expanded Glyos catalog -with extra attention paid to its interface with Callgrim. 

So as a surprise for Jesse on his birthday a couple of years ago, I hid the Heavy Order "face" behind another glued on outer Sincro styled armor plate, then sent the first test shots up to him as a present to discover. It was a good little bright spot in those uncertain times. 

Congratulations to our brother Jesse and his sons on the triumphant return of our favorite mercenary!


  1. I got 2 from release. Discovered glyos at BotCon this year enjoy you'all's goods.

  2. Talking of conventions, can anybody recommend good toy conventions out West?

  3. LOL you cheeky devil! All these months I didn't know there was another face on the heavy sincroborg head! Next time I get one I'm going to have to break out the blowdryer!