Eidrallim Scout Pod

So I have officially gone bug crazy. The more I build the deeper the hole gets. So, I don't even know how many Exellis Hyper figures gave their lives for this "Scout Pod" but I'm guessing about 35. The front hatch opens to reveal a clear green Eidrallim pilot. The pod wings can be folded out and swiveled around. Another huge pile of joints so by default the thing moves like crazy but stays nice and tight. Many different configurations can be created if you get bored. Pheyden can fit in it as well and the hatch comes down and hooks in place on the nose of the pod. It feels very solid and really looks like a giant bee fighter in the round. Finalized the standard Eidrallim worker as well. These guys don't have the powerful double arms of the soldier class but can move quick and last longer at work.

1 comment:

  1. I like the look of the Eidrallim worker drones, can that be made out of a standard Exellis?

    The ship is an amazing creation, was that completely scratch built?