Sometimes I forget that the parts of Pheyden and Exellis can be swapped. This strange looking amalgamation is the mash up of a bunch of black prototypes I had made earlier this year. The other guy is Eclipse Version Pheyden, and he is the mash up of a Reverse Exellis chest and pelvis, a Standard Exellis set of upper arms and upper legs and the head, feet, and hands of the super rare Black Pheyden(only 10 produced). His eyes are painted in a special way that make him look tougher and more sinister. Maybe he's Pheyden's angry older cousin -we all have one after all.


  1. Holy CRAP, it's the Martian from War of the Worlds.

    I'm disassembling my figures right now...

  2. Gosh i know HIM - its that Phantom dude from the Final Fantasy movie a couple years back. He's crossed over into the Glyos system.

  3. can you post recipes for these customs? i can't figure out for the life of me how you build that. summer lovin.