Dropping the Price

We have managed to get the cost down on Pheyden and Exellis after some number crunching and now offer them at $8 each! We will also be unleashing the Crayboth very soon as well as Gobon. Learning the ropes, as far as getting actual toys made, and trying to support a business from the endeavor can be complicated at times. We would sincerely like to thank everybody who has supported us and pushed us to keep expanding, all the great emails and words of encouragement have been the life blood of this project. Everybody here at Onell Design is really excited for the next wave of figures and look forward to sharing them with all our friends, old and new alike. Oh yeah, hope you guys like Glow in the Dark stuff....(I'm looking at you Sanjeev!)


  1. wha-HUH!?


    Seriously, Matt, congratulations on the new offerings! I, for one, am real excited about the upcoming year!

    Keep doing this, sun! I gotcho back!

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on the new figures. An army of Crayboth is a must and the Gobon looks super fun!!

  3. Keep producing cool toys and we will keep trying to sell them for ya ;)

    Bring on the Crays and Gobons!