Reflex Suit

Following along in the crazy evolution of building new stuff from the Exellis Hyper figures I have arrived at the Reflex Suit. This beast consists of:
27 calves
27 pelvis units
25 chests
30 left upper arms
24 upper thighs (left and right)
The whole suit can move all over the place and stays together tightly. Pheyden fits in the top and locks in with a kind of roller coaster bar over his shoulders. I have been dreaming about making something like this out of these parts for a long time. Seeing the results of the combined figures has me reevaluating some of the direction for the Glyos line. In a good way.


  1. WOW. the possibilities only end with the imagination. this is insanely Awesome. Show us some pics of it in action with another power suit. would also like to see a different color for the feet and the hands. step aside stikfas...here comes the real deal.

  2. Kid, that is SICK! I'ma definitely start keeping track of what you have bubblin' on this blog from now on. One question, though: how long did it take you to come up with this beast?

  3. You certainly going in the right direction with your Glyos range, simply put that rig is amazing.

    Now, how could that get into the regular market? The organic look, and design is a refreshing. Very biomorphic...