Villser Confrontation

Following the path of combining the Exellis and Pheyden figures the latest beast to materialize is the Villser. These skeletal wraiths absorb different beings and even each other in an effort to become the perfect synthesis of their race and ultimate life form. Though their primary goal is the same, the Villsers are extremely hostile, making no distinction between friend or foe, either absorbing or destroying anything in their way. Pheyden wears a special Trapping Suit to aid him in stopping a renegade Villser that has boarded the Edgeliner Delphi in an attempt to absorb Aves.


  1. Wow that last pic blew me away. A weeks absence and logging back on to glyos has brought me the most awesome string of updates so far. Go Pheyden!

  2. so im guessing since aves is retired it mean the villser succeeded in his absorption of aves....poor guy