Art Assault

Well, whenever we get any kind of illustration or painting of the Glyos characters we get excited, but when we get them from our close friends we are humbled by the original approach and care put into the resulting artwork. These 3 pieces are particularly cool. Good old Chris B. comes back again with a very unique take on Michelle's character Gobon. I personally love the gelatinous looking stomach and fluid feel applied to this chunky gendrone. Chris, we want more! Putting his wares out here for the first time is our good friend and resident left-handed braniac Sanjeev! Sanjeev explained that this guy is an "Anti Pheyden" that brings some much needed cold hearted villainy to the Glyos system. The spell book on the left shoulder is a great touch and the almost royal detailing is very convincing. Sanjeev, I think it's time for that limited edition figure now. Yes, it will be glowie. Rounding out the trio of talent is Josh B. of the famed and exploding CollectionDX.com. Not only does Josh run an addictive and insanely informative website, but he also can throw down when it's time to get drawing. This Callgrim picture has a real confidence to it that I know Jesse Moore( Callgrim's creator) will be proud of. Josh's inking abilities are like a mutant power that he needs to use more often, the results are always superb. All in all, these three artists and their contributions to our ever expanding Glyos System makes us thankful, and me in particular, to be around such unique and talented people that we're also lucky enough to call our friends.


  1. wow incredible. I want more!
    You guys are amazing !

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  3. Thanks, nicholas! Definitely plan on seeing more!

    Chris B.'s Gobon is fantastic! I love the bean-esque body! It's got that whole Boss Borot funk to it. Gorgeously rendered.

    And Josh...I'll bet your head's tilted at the same cocky angle Callgrim's is, you smarmy sumbitch! Love it! Keep it up.

    Matt, thanks so much for posting my drawing. I have you to thank for getting me to pick up my pencil again. We all need to pool our talents and see what kind of havoc we can wreak! ;)