Super Glyos System!

This is something that was a long time coming... It's pretty obvious that the Onell team has a deep appreciation for the arts of the 80s. While there is a slight generation gap between myself and Matt (Matt:ELO as Marc:TMBG ...sorry I suck at analogies), our minds manage to exist on the same plane. We try to play Balloon Fight at least once a week to keep our spirits up. For the past few years I have often incorporated 8 bit art into my work (like this player-thing), but this is really the first time I actually made my own megaman-style animated characters. I guess it took 2 extremely inspiring figures to finally push me to do it. And just as Matt becomes obsessed with things so quickly, like the Eidrallim configurations, I now want to pixelate the entire Glyos System... next mini-boss: Crayboths, bitch.


  1. that's great, but now i wanna play a Glyos NES game... hop to it.

  2. And in time, these icons became the Passcode and an`actual video game. Nice to see things come together. :-D