Scar Pheyden Prototype

Scar Pheyden has made the jump to actual prototype from his previous custom only existence. These are a few shots of the look that will carry over into hopeful mass production. The back of his head is really chopped up...more pics soon.


  1. i can't wait. I Can't Wait! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  2. How has NO ONE else commented on this post in almost 16 years??

    I always liked the Scar Pheyden head as it had just a little bit more of an organic feel to it versus the original Pheyden head. I remember you telling me once that "A scar as a reminder of a life lived" and for every event of significance in your life, you'd carve another notch on that Pheyden head, so much so I don't think it could take anymore otherwise there wouldn't be much left.