Friend or Foe

Throughout the history of the Glyos System, strange creatures have been at work shaping its future from behind the scenes. Callgrim and Pheyden operate on a level that few beings ever see or are even aware of. Since Pheyden has many alternate forms and has split into various versions of himself, Callgrim never knows what particular Pheyden he is being approached by. Sometimes it's a peaceful meeting, but most of the time things turn out like this. Thanks to Jesse for another captivating painting that gets the wheels turning. Love that battered Pheyden.


  1. on not again , your killing me here
    this is so amazing.
    Man this is moody stuff your painting!
    So cinematic great job !

  2. Callgrim protagonist or antagonist? A cool release for Glyos

  3. Jesse, are you kidding me!? Man, this is probably now my favorite painting you've done. I've been staring at this thing for a while and thinking about what I can say about it's composition, choice of colors, use of black lines and shading to define your negative space...

    I mean, it's all top notch, kid! I'm loving it! Keep doing stuff like this--it seriously fires up my imagination!