From the Work Zone


  1. Love the bearded space adventure dude.

  2. Wow. These are awesome, Matt! The Chaoses are great (and the "powered" look really goes well with the head), the "veteran" is a boss take on DP's figure, and the Phase Hunter is freggin' perfect.

    All this customization work...man, maybe you should do something with the Crays next. Or just some good ol' Travelers again. But only when you've had enough time to breathe and handle other things first!

  3. Man oh man, seeing these pictures of CC 3.1 just gets my mind racing. Which one is headed to my house...which one is headed to my house...which one is???

    Keep up the inspiring work Matt. That Hunter is pretty rad too!

  4. Wow Matt!

    Your paint works just gets better and better!

    From subtle color transitions to gritty, battle ravaged realism!

    Is there anything you CAN'T do....? ;)


  5. There really is no stopping you, Matt, is there? Are the Phase Hybrids another mini CC?
    (And I will gladly second Roy's comment on a Crayboth run! ;o) )

  6. Id kill for a probe arm! Those builds are tight Matt !

  7. Wow that cosmic Squadron is awesome!! Makes me want to do something like that with mine :). I love the Vegibrain and Membroid figs as well. The colors are amazing!