In Outer Space

The talented crew (thanks Daniel) over at itsalltrue.net connected with us a while back and asked for some deeper details about our involvement in the Four Horsemen's OSM project. You can check out their interview here of a certain Bearded Fool in particular, and see how the trips to my Grandparent's house as a child opened the OSM vortex for me.

Also, if you really want some excellent information about the man behind the original Outer Space Men line, head over here to learn about Mel Birkrant's role in building the juggernaut that we all grew up with and loved - Colorforms. What an absolutely fascinating look behind the curtain from a man who could basically turn anything into gold.

I literally played with almost everything he had a hand in creating during the 70's and 80's! Now I need to search for those old Colorforms sets....


  1. I can't help but see not only how cool these OSM ended up looking thanks to both the 4h and the Onell involvement... but imagine how awesome it would be for these two teams to get together and put out compatible Micronauts. I know it'd never happen, but one can dream.

  2. Great interview!

    I do get whole fist/slap-y hand...but would be very happy if the reverses were ever made available(if for nothing other than customization ability).

    I have to totally agree with what Mel said in the comments, extra tentacles would be awesome.

    (seriously how cool is it that Mel posted in the comments section!)

  3. Damn Mel's site is updated again!! Hours of reading today...So informative and fun to read!

  4. Wooooo! Mention of new RealxHead CC wave!

  5. "Tentacles are the new Lego"
    someone needs to make a t-shirt