Callgrim Commands!

Head over to callgrim.com/shop for an all new assortment of plastic hardware from Jesse Moore! This round features Callgrim in some very unique color schemes, evoking many classic toy lines from the good old 80's. Jesse is a freak with his ability to nail colors from the ultimate era of action figures. If you love old school GI Joe, Micronauts, He Man or even Strawberry Shortcake, chances are you will see something you will recognize. Go check out! Awesome work you Bearded Beast!


  1. Minty! Can't wait to get my order.

  2. It's hard to believe that these awesome colorways are still available in the callgrim shop & it's been almost a year. Furthermore, I can't believe I've not gotten a few dollars together to buy some of these awesome colorways. I've always loved the Callgrim figures, they really are immensely important parts of any Glyos collection. You can build some really cool weapons with the parts from a Callgrim figure, I highly advise getting some.